MSU Extension launches Selling Food in Michigan Quick Reference Guide

Introducing a new resource to provide information about specific products and business start-up procedures for food entrepreneurs.

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The “Selling Food in Michigan: Quick Reference Guide” is a new user-friendly resource for food businesses in Michigan. More specifically, this tool provides introductory information and additional resource links for food entrepreneurs who want to sell food as a hobby under the Michigan Cottage Food Law or want to launch a new food product for retail or wholesale markets. Created by the Michigan State University Extension Product Center and Food Safety teams, this online resource serves as an archive of information geared towards specific food products, business start-up materials, and regulatory agency information.

The “Selling Food in Michigan: Quick Reference Guide” can be found on the MSU Product Center website at The MSU Product Center is a professional network to help Michigan food and farm business entrepreneurs commercialize their food products. Located throughout the state of Michigan, the MSU Product Center staff includes Innovation Counselors with unique experiences, expertise, and knowledge about food and value-added product commercialization. Typically, MSU Product Center Innovation Counselors provide resources to support food businesses and have experience in, or connections to, additional resources including concept and business planning development, business financing, retail sales and distribution methods, as well as product licensing, food safety, and product labeling information.

Selling food to the public or processing food on a large scale for wholesale/retail is different than making food at home for personal consumption. It requires knowledge about local food laws and regulations, adherence to processing and preparation guidelines, as well as business and financial planning. The MSU Product Center is a resource for Michigan-based packaged food and beverage manufacturers to develop business plans and understand licensing and regulatory steps for launching food and beverage products. Food and beverage manufacturers can request counseling and Nutrition Facts Labeling from the MSU Product Center through the “Become a Client” link on the website at There is a $100 application fee to join.

If you are just starting to investigate selling a non-potentially hazardous food that does not require time or temperature control for safety, you may register for a Michigan Cottage Food Law webinar presented by the MSU Extension Food Safety and MSU Product Center teams. You may also contact MSU Extension Food Safety experts with food preservation questions by calling the Food Safety Hotline at 1-877-643-9882, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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