Rachel Wood loves sharing her passion for plants as a teaching assistant

Rachel Wood is a Horticulture Science major from New Boston, MI and thinks horticulture is the perfect fit for her at MSU.

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Why did you choose Horticulture as your major/degree?

I knew that I wanted to go to Michigan State University and study some form of agriculture since I found a love for plants in middle school. Once I got accepted to MSU, I looked through the agriculture-related majors to find the best one that fit my love for plants and interest in gardening and being outdoors. As I read the description for Horticulture, I knew that would be the best program for me and immediately switched my major.

What has been the best experience in your major so far?

Being a teaching assistant in the introductory horticulture class, HRT 203: Introduction to Horticulture, has been my best experience in this program yet. Not only did I get to meet and interact with many newer horticulture students, but I was also able to share my passion for plants as well as the knowledge that I have gained through my previous years in the major.

What are your future plans?

After I graduate, I plan to find a job either at a public garden or in a greenhouse, where I will be able to share my love and knowledge of horticulture with others. In the long run, I hope to open my own business, either a cut-flower farm or a greenhouse operation.

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