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Invest in yourself during National Financial Literacy Month.

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April is National Financial Literacy Month, and in celebration, Michigan State University Extension 4-H Youth Development is holding Smart Money Contests. Michigan youth can win cash prizes by competing in the Cash Composition Contest or the Show Your Money Smarts Contest this April.

Through a generous sponsorship from Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP) and Michigan Education Trust (MET), first place winners will need to decide whether to choose $,1000 toward a MESP and/or MET 529 or take the lower cash prize amount. The top five in both contests will win money. The 10 winners of these contests can also serve as this year’s Money Smart Youth Ambassadors, leading to additional opportunities to share their financial knowledge with their peers and enhance their leadership skills.

These Smart Money Contests are not only a great opportunity for Michigan youth to win money, but also a fun way to learn about financial topics. We encourage all youth residing in Michigan who are between the ages of 9-19 to participate in the Cash Composition Contest or the Show Your Money Smarts Contest and the many youth money management programs being offered this month.

These programs meet a need for youth as it is not uncommon for youth to have financial concerns for their future. According to a recent survey by Junior Achievement, some of young people’s top concerns included paying for college (47%), not being able to afford to live on their own (45%), paying taxes (43%) and finding a fulfilling, well-paying job (40%). By participating in these contests, youth will learn about saving, investing and how to avoid common financial pitfalls.

Kelly Masters, chair of the Michigan Financial Wellness Network, stated, "Michigan residents are very fortunate to have hundreds of committed organizations working collaboratively to provide free, non-solicitous financial wellness programs year-round, and during Michigan Financial Wellness Month." 

The Michigan State University Extension contests will take place April 2021 and will be entirely online. Entry and submission for the Cash Composition Contest must be completed by April 5, 2021. Show Your Money Smart Contest registration must be completed by April 23, 2021.

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