Dr. Behe's research focuses on consumer behavior with regard to ornamental plants and edible crops

Dr. Bridget Behe uses her research to educate businesses on making better decisions, making them more profitable and sustainable.

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Dr. Bridget Behe joined Michigan State as a professor of Horticultural Marketing in 1997 after previously working at Auburn University as an Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor. She started her education at Penn State University where she earned simultaneous B.S. degrees, one in horticulture and one in agricultural education. She then continued her education by earning an M.S. from Ohio State University and then earning a Ph.D at Penn State. 

Bridget has a 40% teaching, 40% research, and 20% extension appointment. She teaches two classes HRT 407 (Horticulture Marketing) every other fall semester and HRT 404 (Horticulture Management) every spring semester. She also chairs the Department’s Scholarship Committee. Her research focuses on the consumer perspective of the horticulture industry for crops both edible and ornamental. She investigates consumer behavior with regard to ornamental plants, edible crops, and related products and services. She believes that research-based information is key in order for businesses to make better decisions, making them more profitable and sustainable. Bridget is excited to be working with eye tracking technology to better understand consumers through the horticulture marketing process. Eye-tracking glasses are now being used to understand what consumers see and what they ignore in ads, displays, and the whole shopping experience.

Bridget is active in the horticulture marketing industry and gives talks to state, regional, and national businesses and associations on her knowledge on the marketing and management practices to improve profitability and sustainability. In 2018, Bridget also created an informational website to share her research, publications, and a weekly podcast. Her 5-10 minute podcasts (Marketing Munchies) delve into different horticulture topics each week and a new one is uploaded every Tuesday and can be found through most podcast providers or at bridgetbehe.com

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