Bridget K. Behe Ph.D.

Bridget Behe
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Department of Horticulture


1066 Bogue St, Room A238
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Area of Expertise:

Marketing of horticultural crops, both edible and ornamental



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Dr. Behe joined Michigan State in 1997 after working for eight years as an Assistant Professor then Associate Professor on the faculty at Auburn University in Alabama. She earned her Ph.D. from Penn State after earning an M.S. from The Ohio State University. Before that, she earned simultaneous B.S. degrees, one in horticulture and one in agricultural education, from Penn State University. Bridget is also a Certified Florist.


Professor Behe has a 40% teaching appointment and teaches two classes: HRT 407 (Horticulture Marketing) every other fall semester (odd years) and HRT 404 (Horticulture Management) every spring semester. She chairs the Department's Scholarship Committee.


Dr. Behe has a 40% research appointment at Michigan State. She investigates the consumer perspective of the horticulture industry for crops both edible and ornamental. Bridget has conducted studies and published results on the value of bee-friendly pest management strategies, branded transplants, sustainable/local/organic products, the perceived value of good landscaping, the market for a hypothetical blue geranium, helped to develop a market for fresh tart cherries and packaged, fresh asparagus, and contributed to the understanding of how age and ethnicity influence American gardening purchases and participation. Most exciting is her recent collaborative work with eye-tracking glasses to better understand what consumers see and what they ignore in ads, displays, and the shopping experience.


Bridget gives talks to state, regional, and national businesses and associations involved in many aspects of horticulture, helping to better their marketing and management practices to improve profitability and sustainability. She has a new (2018) website for business professionals interested in research-based information on horticulture marketing. The website features her newly-launched 5-10 minute podcasts "Marketing Munchies" that can be accessed here (Connect-2-Consumer) or on a favorite podcast provider (with written transcripts of each episode). Her recent presentation handouts as well as peer-reviewed publications are also available on this website.


Selected Recent Refereed Publications

Huddleston, P.T., B.K. Behe, C. Driesener, and S. Minihan. 2018 (accepted) Inside-out: Using eye-tracking to investigate search-choice in the retail environment. J. Retailing and Consumer Services. 

Behe, B.K. and Jessica Fry. 2018 (in review). How do Plant Guarantees Reduce Consumer Risk Perceptions? J. Risk Research. 

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Mundel, J.  B.K. Behe, P.T. Huddleston. 2018 (in press). An Eye Tracking Study of Minimally Branded Products: Hedonism and Branding as Predictors of Purchase Intention. J. of Product and Brand Management.

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Khachatryan, H., A. Rihn, B. Campbell, C. Yue, C. Hall, and B. Behe. 2017. How Do Consumer Perceptions of ‘Local’ Production Benefits Influence their Visual Attention to State Marketing Programs? Agribusiness DOI: 10.1002/agr.21547. 

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Khachatryan, H., A.Rihn, B. Campbell, B. Behe, and C. Hall. 2017. How do Consumer Perceptions of “Local” Production Benefits Influence their visual Attention to State Marketing Programs? Agribusiness 1-17 DOI: 10.1002/agr.21547. 

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