Questions to Ask: Methodology


Your content and objectives impact the best way to offer the programming. Your audience also can impact your methodology. Thus, how you answered earlier questions impacts the methodology you choose. In addition, consider the following questions:

  • Do you consider the content to be: Theoretical? Problem-solving? Applied knowledge? Technical? Fact-based? Contextual? Personal and reflective? Soft-skills? The content and objective can determine what pedagogical method or mode of instruction makes the most sense. Below are some examples to illustrate how the type of learning objective can drive the method. 
Objective Suitable method
Identify chemical symbols Flashcards 
Tie a knot Watch then do
Understand impact of a historical event on a culture Listen to lecture, read an article
Apologize in Swahili Listen and repeat then role-play
Understand white privilege Dialogue, discussion & reflection
Respond to conflict Scenarios & role-plays
Follow a process using software Instructional video + written job aid to reference


  • What methods of delivery work best for this content when delivered face-to-face? Why? Will this change when it is offered online?
  • Will you need to update the materials frequently? Some online formats are easier to update (text) than others (video).
  • How will the learners be using the knowledge and skilled gained? Will they want to have job aids, access to review materials, etc. afterwards?
Anne Baker

Anne Baker

Learning and Talent Development Specialist
MSU Extension