Live Workshop and On Demand Content

on-demand content & live workshop (1)

When planning a live workshop there are many options for combining the live workshop content with additional learning experiences. This allows the participants to prepare for a workshop or to further review content after the workshop. Below are several options to consider: 


You may consider sending pre-work to the participants. This can include websites to review, articles, videos, etc. When sharing pre-work make sure to be specific in terms of what they need to complete and how much it is estimated to take.  

D2L Course 

A D2L online course can also be a way to share content with workshop participants prior to, or after the event. Participants outside of MSU can gain access to a D2L course using an MSU Guest Account. In a D2L course there are many features you can use including restricting content based on date, assessment options such as quizzes or virtual ways to submit documents for review, discussion forums, online badges, downloadable certificates, and more! 

Video Series 

A YouTube channel or MediaSpace Channel may be a way for you to share a series of videos with an audience. These can be made open to the public or restricted to a specific group.