Promotional Items

MSU Extension employees must work with approved vendors for printed materials (such as brochures, fliers and educational materials) and with licensed vendors for apparel or promotional items (such as keychains, water bottles and memory sticks) that include the following graphic elements or text:

  • The MSU or MSU Extension wordmarks
  • The Spartan helmet
  • Sparty Wordmarks
  • Block S
  • The 4-H clover
  • Text representing MSU, MSU Extension or 4-H, such as:
    • Michigan State University
    • Michigan State
    • State
    • MSU
    • Go Green, Go White
    • Sparty
    • Michigan 4-H Youth Development
    • Michigan 4-H
    • 4-H*

MSU funds, including county DS and operating DN accounts (formerly known as checkbook accounts), may not be used to pay unapproved vendors when buying print materials and unlicensed vendors when buying apparel or promotional items. Any MSU Extension staff member or person acting on behalf of MSU Extension (such as a Master Gardener or 4-H volunteer or a county employee) ordering materials through an unlicensed vendor will be held personally responsible for payment for those materials. ((Note: T-shirts created by and for 4-H entities that individuals or families are paying for are may only use the 4-H clover or text with 4-H, Michigan 4-H or Michigan 4-H Youth Development. They may not use the MSU protected graphics.)

MSU accounts can be used to buy apparel from the 4-H Mall and other 4-H vendors if the items will be given to volunteers, young people, or both. However, when purchasing apparel for MSU Extension staff members, the MSU Extension mark must be the most prominent mark on the clothing.

For more information about these parameters or to verify that vendors you’re considering are approved by MSU, please contact Fran Adelaja at

MSU Licensed Vendor List

Please click on the links below to see the list of MSU Licensed Vendors who are officially licensed to produce promotional items bearing the the MSU name, logo(s) and other trademarks. Promotional items include T-shirts and other merchandise made for on-campus use.  These licensed vendors have been vetted for product quality, carry required liability issuance and comply with the fair labor codes.


Popular Vendors for MSU Extension Staff

Screen Printers

Ad Specialty Companies

Order Approval

All purchase orders, p-card documents, and disbursement vouchers related to orders that include any of the MSU Extension brand elements will be routed to Fran Adelaja for approval.