The MSU Extension sign format (see Figure 1) is appropriate for indoor and outdoor freestanding and building signs. There is no need to do a wholesale change on all of your office signs, but if your office moves or you have another chance to buy new signs, work with your district coordinator to ensure that you’re using the correct design.


Figure 1: Approved design for indoor and outdoor MSU Extension signs.

Ordering signage

MSU Extension employees must work with approved and licensed vendors when ordering signage.  Contact Fran Adelaja for approval before working with a vendor.

MSU funds, including county DS and operating DN accounts (formerly known as checkbook accounts), may not be used to pay unapproved and unlicensed vendors for signage. Any MSU Extension staff member or person acting on behalf of MSU Extension (such as a Master Gardener or 4-H volunteer or a county employee) ordering materials through an unlicensed vendor will be held personally responsible for payment for those materials.  

For more information about these parameters or to verify that vendors you’re considering are approved by MSU, please contact Fran Adelaja at

Order Approval

All purchase orders, p-card documents, and disbursement vouchers related to orders that include any of the MSU Extension brand elements will be routed to Fran Adelaja for approval.