The MSU Extension Brand

The MSU Extension Brand

The MSU Extension brand is a distinctive and memorable representation of the organization that:

  • Announces our presence
  • Builds the credibility of our programming with audiences and partner organizations
  • Reinforces the sense of trust and loyalty that audiences have for our programming

Using the MSU Extension wordmark and other brand elements consistently on programming and promotional materials, apparel, signs and elsewhere, helps us to positively shape the way our clients, stakeholders and partner organizations think and feel about MSU Extension.

This toolkit is designed to guide you in following the MSU Extension brand standards so that our audiences are exposed to a consistent message whenever they encounter or interact with MSU Extension. The toolkit draws from the MSU Brand ( website. The site was developed and is maintained by MSU Communications and Brand Strategy (CABS), the university’s central communications unit.

What Is [a] brand?

“A brand is not a logo, tagline, colors, TV commercials, or websites.

“A brand is perception. More specifically, it’s the sum total of people’s perceptions and experiences—what they think, feel, and respond to when they interact with an organization. And branding is the intentional process of shaping that perception.”

Source: “Brand Basics” ( from the MSU Brand website.