Educational Materials Writing Toolkit

The public, our stakeholders, and our administrators expect that the materials we all produce for Michigan State University Extension will be sound, scholarly, and evidence based. The primary way for you to demonstrate the research base of your work is to draw on high-quality information sources and cite all of your sources appropriately. Doing so lends legitimacy and credibility to your work, demonstrates its scholarship, and protects you from accusations of plagiarism.

Preparing to Submit Your Educational Project to an Editor

The MSU Extension Educational Materials Team has created this course to enable you to effectively prepare your educational project for submission to an editor. It contains interactive scenarios and activities that should help you through the writing and submission process.

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Keeping It Legit

June 26, 2023

This tool will help you to identify reputable information sources, know what information to collect about your sources, take copyright into consideration when quoting or adapting sources, cite sources appropriately, and more.

Text citations and references checklist for educational materials.

Text Citations and References Checklist

October 15, 2021

“Text Citations and References Checklist” is an overview that can guide you as you write references and citations for your educational project.

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Author Checklist for MSU Extension Educational Materials

June 26, 2023

MSU Extension provides an opportunity for users to use this table as a guide for their project.