A woman and her daughter shop for fresh produce.

Galesburg Food Hub Feasibility Study


November 1, 2013 - J3 Concepts

Under the leadership of the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association (GREDA), stakeholders in the Galesburg region have initiated a feasibility study to begin the formal process of developing a food hub in their region. Food hubs actively coordinate the marketing, aggregation, and distribution of local food products and may perform additional functions such as processing, storage, and delivery. GREDA has contracted with J3 Concepts, a planning and community development consulting firm, to carry out this study. This study does not offer a yes/no answer regarding the feasibility of a single food hub model, but rather offers a short menu of feasible models and strategies that will take shape during subsequent planning stages.

This study will serve multiple purposes in working toward realization of a more sustainable local food system. The study process and final product will:

  • Provide a solid foundation upon which future development stages can take place
  • Bring multiple, diverse stakeholders to the table to network; forge positive relationships; expose otherwise hidden ideas and resources; and provide a forum for discussion
  • Consolidate information about alternatives into a short menu of options in order to facilitate stakeholder decision-making and consensus
  • Offer sound, concise recommendations for future development stages
  • Offer greater legitimacy for the local food hub development effort with written documentation of due diligence and stakeholder input
  • Develop leadership among stakeholders and encourage stakeholder ownership and responsibility

The first order of business in conducting this study involved bringing a group of interested individuals together to develop a common vision. After participating in a visioning exercise, stakeholders developed a vision statement: 

“The food hub will provide collaborative, sustainable infrastructure where producers, wholesalers, and consumers can have their economic, educational, and nutritional needs met using safe, high-quality local food products.”

Shepherded by the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association (GREDA)

  • Leo Dion, President
  • Derek Shugart, Director, Knox County Development Corporation

Conducted by J3 Concepts

  • Jennifer Hale, Partner/Principal
  • Jason Saavedra, Partner/Principal


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