Racial Equity in the MI FTECE Network: Facilitation Debrief


August 31, 2022 - Bumblebee Design & Evaluation

The Michigan Farm to ECE Network offers the results of the most recent racial equity discussion in the Racial Equity in the MI FTECE Network: Facilitation Debrief.

The document is a summary of the session held on June 29, 2022 and the survey sent to Network members via the Michigan Farm to ECE listserv. More about the discussion and the survey are described in the debrief document as well. The discussion and survey were created as follow-up to the 2021 session where Network members were invited to participate in the completion of a Racial Equity Assessment Tool and two-day virtual discussion. The 2022 session was intended to take the results of the assessment tool and reflect on them. The goal was to identify initial actions to promote equity in and throughout the Network. 

The brief includes caveats for consideration as well as initial actions by theme. From these identified initial actions, three actions are prioritized based on the needs and interest expressed by those participating in the process.

  1. Engage constituents and build trust (Advocacy 2).
  2. Increase Network participation from the FTECE field (Practice 1).
  3. Disseminate information about the Network widely (Practice 2). 



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