Webinar - Racial Equity in the Food System: Perceptions, Reality, and the Road Ahead

April 16, 2020 - <$authorEmail>, Dwayne Wharton, Aurora Buffington, Rachel Lindvall, Paul Taylor

As food system educators, are we making progress in reaching equity goals in our organizations? What is limiting us from using an equity lens in our work? What are we most interested in learning more about, and where and what are the examples that illustrate we are operationalizing our learnings to inspire us to go further?

In this webinar, we share provocative findings from a national survey of Racial Equity in the Food System (REFS) workgroup webinar registrants that ground a thoughtful discussion of these questions.

Members of the REFS national committee offer insights into what the findings may be telling us and share examples where projects and organizations are operationalizing equity in their everyday work.


  • Rich Pirog* – Director, MSU Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Dwayne Wharton* – Consultant (formerly with The Food Trust)
  • Aurora Buffington* – Public Health Nutrition Specialist, University of Nevada Reno Extension
  • Rachel Lindvall* – Wokini Initiative, South Dakota State University
  • Paul Taylor – Executive Director, FoodShare (Toronto, CA)

*Members of the Racial Equity in the Food System (REFS) workgroup committee

Download webinar slides 

This webinar was sponsored by the Racial Equity in the Food System Workgroup. It aired on April 15, 2020.



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