• Commercial Food Safety

    Food safety is critical for food producers, processors, distributors and restaurateurs to produce safe and wholesome food. MSU Extension offers several resources, trainings and certifications related to food safety for individuals in the food industry.

  • Cooking for Crowds

    Cooking for Crowds is a workshop for nonprofit groups that prepare food for fundraisers. Participants will learn how to prevent unsafe conditions that may cause foodborne illness when planning, purchasing, storing, preparing and serving food.

  • Cottage Food Law

    Michigan adopted the Cottage Food Law in 2010, providing guidelines for individuals to prepare non-potentially hazardous foods in a home kitchen. Only certain foods can be prepared and sold directly to the consumer without a license under this law.

  • Food Safety Training for Food Service Workers

    Food Safety Training for Food Service Workers news, programming and other resources from MSU Extension.

  • Home Food Preservation

    This low-cost online course is designed to increase knowledge and confidence in water bath and pressure canning, freezing, pickling and dehydrating techniques.

  • Michigan Fresh

    Michigan Fresh helps you find tips on growing, handling and preserving as well as healthful recipes to take advantage of the delicious Michigan-grown bounty from your backyard or your local farmer's market.

  • Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training

    Michigan State University Extension provides Food Safety Modernization Act training using a standardized curriculum created and administered by the Produce Safety Alliance.

  • Safe Food = Healthy Kids

    Safe Food = Healthy Kids is an interactive workshop designed for child care providers. Learn what the best practices are for food safety to help keep kids safe.

  • ServSafe

    MSU Extension has instructors in your local communities trained to deliver ServSafe, a national food and beverage safety training and certificate program.