Forest-Climate Working Group Learning Exchange Series

The Forest Carbon and Climate Program (FCCP) is partnering with the Forest-Climate Working Group (FCWG) to offer a curated Learning Exchange Series on forest carbon and climate issues to group members and the public.

The FCWG represents a diverse group of forest interests including landowners, industry, conservationists, academia and carbon market interests and has worked together for more than eight years to leverage the full potential of U.S. forests and forest products to provide climate change solutions. This group seeks to engage their members in learning experiences to grow internal knowledge and capacity in the group, bring into new ideas and expertise, and inform current and upcoming discussions on policy and strategy around the topic of forest carbon management.

2020-21 Learning Exchange Series Speaker Lineup 

2020-21 Learning Exhange Lineup Announcement_v7
2020-21 FCWG Learning Exchange Series Lineup

Upcoming Sessions:

November 4th: American Carbon Reforestation: The Need, The Challenges, and The Opportunities

Speaker: Mike Smith and Chandler Van Voorhis

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December 2nd: New Approaches to Connect Forest Landowners to Voluntary Offset Revenue

Speaker: Dylan Jenkins

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January 6th: Regional Scale Forest Product Markets and Effects on Forest Carbon Sequestration

Speaker: David Wear

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February 3rd: Innovative Approaches to Increasing Carbon on the Landscape: Large-Scale Reforestation and the Family Forest Carbon Program

Speakers: Christine Cadigan, Nathan Truitt, Eric Sprague, and Austin Rempel

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March 3rd: Forests and Carbon in Sustainable Business Outlooks

Speaker: Luis Rochartre

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April 7th: The Role of Urban Forests in Climate Mitigation and Adaptation with Data and Interventions

Speakers: Dave MacFarlane and Leslie Brandt

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May 5th: Ecosystem Services Markets Conceived and Designed for Agriculture: Scaling Impacts

Speakers: Thayer Tomlinson and Debbie Reed

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June 2nd: Certification as a Tool to Ensure Climate Benefits of Wood

Speakers: Darren Sleep

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Previous Sessions:

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