Forests + Climate Learning Exchange Series

The 2022-2023 Forests + Climate Learning Exchange Series (LES), co-hosted by the Forest Carbon and Climate Program (FCCP) and the Society of American Foresters (SAF), invites academics, practitioners, policymakers, and other experts to present innovative and important research, projects, and strategies relating to forest carbon. The series aims to develop and expand forest stakeholder knowledge and perspectives on forest carbon science, management, and strategy. 

The events take place the first Wednesday of each month at 3 pm Eastern. Recordings will be posted below following the event. The LES has been organized and hosted by FCCP since 2017 (with initial support from the Forest-Climate Working Group). It reaches increasingly large and diverse audiences with engaging monthly presentations and active audience Q&A throughout the academic year.

Support for this series is provided, in part, by funding from SAF's Hagenstein Fund. To honor the legacy and memory of professional forester and SAF leader William D. Hagenstein, this fund aims to reach audiences beyond the forestry community and foster thoughtful exchanges about how and why forests, and the services they provide, are essential to our future. 

2022-23 Learning Exchange Series Speaker Lineup


2022-23 Learning Exchange Series Lineup
2022-23 Learning Exchange Series: Speaker Lineup; Oct. 12: Innovative Approaches to Forest Carbon Monitoring and Measurement, Nov. 2: Assessing Landscape-scale, Climate-smart Forest Management Strategies: Is it Possible?, Dec. 7: The Carbon Footprint of a Large Global Forest Owner: A Case Study for Rayonier, Inc., Jan. 4: Tax Dimensions of Forest Carbon Projects, Feb. 1: Economic Tradeoffs in Timber Products Under Various Carbon Management Strategies for Maryland and Pennsylvania, Mar. 1: Resilience, Equity, and Nature-based Climate Solutions in New York City, Apr. 5: Remote Sensing Technology for Improved Forest Carbon Inventorying, May. 3: Looking at Forest Carbon from Multiple Dimensions: Evaluating Tradeoffs and Opportunities to Forest Carbon Management, Jun. 7: Dimensions of Urban and Community Forestry.


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