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2019-2020 Officer Team
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President: Mary Tuski


Mary Tuski is a senior obtaining a bachelors in Horticulture Science. She grew up on a 60 acre farm and has had a passion for plants her whole life. She has been involved with SHA ever since beginning her major in horticulture and has loved being involved every way that she can. She loves working in research and is hoping to continue her education by attending graduate school next year. She is excited to be President of the MSU Student Horticulture Association and to help it grow and flourish! 

Vice President: Abby Denning


Abby Denning is a third year Horticulture major with a focus in Landscape Design, Construction, and Management. She is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been involved in the horticulture industry for 5 years. Abby enjoys the green industry because there are always opportunities for creative ideas and loves working with plants. She is considering owning her own business in the future.

Secretary: Elise Tomaszewski


Elise Tomaszewski is a senior in the Horticulture Science program with a minor in Plant, Animal, and Microbial Biotechnology. She is from St. Clair Shores, Michigan and has always been passionate about plants. Elise has been involved in the Student Horticulture Association since being at MSU and loves everyone in it. She hopes to go to graduate school next fall where she can continue her work with molecular genetics and biotechnology.

Treasurer: Kylee Chickering


Kylee Chickering is our treasurer for SHA. She is a second year transfer student. Kylee was studying accounting before she switched to horticulture, which is great experience for our treasurer. She is interested in Landscape Design, and wants to design spaces to increase the well being of individuals as well as incorporate function and aesthetics into the landscape. She also enjoys hiking and anything outdoors! 

Grower: Caleb Spall 


Caleb Spall is an undergraduate student with a focus in sustainable and organic floriculture. He plans to continue his education as a master’s student in the field of floriculture, specifically focused on non-chemical means of plant growth regulation in the commercial greenhouse. As SHA’s grower, he is excited to implement sustainable growing practices to deliver high-quality plants. 

Webmaster/Historian: Lily Wallace


Lily Wallace is a senior in the Horticulture Science program.  She is happy to work at the Radiology Gardens and the MSU Student Organic Farm. Lily is very interested in green roofs/walls, urban agriculture, and growing vegetables. She enjoys being a member of the MSU Student Horticulture Association and is excited for a fun year of networking and events. 

Outreach Coordinator: Jacob Goss


Jacob Goss is a senior studying horticulture with a focus in horticultural science. Outside of plants, his hobbies include playing board games and cooking. In the future, he hopes to work as an ornamental plant breeder.

Permanent Advisor: Marcus Duck


Marcus is the program coordinator and advisor for the Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) Certificate Programs in East Lansing: Fruit, Vegetable, & Organic Horticulture Management and Landscape & Nursery Management.  He teaches: HRT 207 Horticulture Career Development, HRT 213 / 213L Landscape Maintenance & Lab, HRT 218 / 218L Irrigation Systems for Horticulture & Lab, and AT 293 Professional Internship for IAT.  Marcus is one of the founding board members of the Michigan Horticulture Education Foundation, and the co-coach for the MSU NALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition Team. 


Advisor: Kristin Getter


Kristin has a 65% teaching and a 35% administrative appointment as the Director of the MSU Horticulture Gardens.  She teaches three courses: HRT 203 (Principles of Horticulture), HRT 102 (Plants for Food, Fun, and Profit), and HRT 475 (Study Abroad).  She is also active in the Department’s Learning Outcomes Assessment efforts and undergraduate recruiting efforts.  


Congratulations to our newly elected officers for the year 2020-2021! 

President: Abby Denning

Vice President: Joy Johnson

Grower: McKenna Merkel

Treasurer: Bre Craig

Secretary: Chloe Grabb

Outreach Specialist: Ryan Murray

Webmaster/Historian: Lina Mabie


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