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2018-2019 Officer Team
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President: Cheyenne Sloan

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Cheyenne is a senior with a dual major in horticultural science and crop and soil science. She has been involved in research and the student horticulture association since she came to MSU. In the future she plans on attending grad school and eventually become an extension educator in orchards.   

Vice President:Mary Tuski
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Mary is a third year Horticulture Science major from Lapeer, Michigan. She grew up on a 60-acre cash crop farm and has loved plants and being outdoors her entire life. She is excited to be Vice President and help the Student Horticulture Association grow and flourish  

Secretary: Abby Denning
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Abby is a second year Horticulture major with a focus in Landscape Design, Construction, and Management. She is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been involved in the horticulture industry for 4 years. Abby would love to manage a garden and do humanitarian work with her future degree!  


Treasurer:Caleb Spall
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Caleb Spall is a second-year student of Sustainable and Organic Horticulture. His favorite flower is Bird of Paradise and he hopes to work with tropical plants in the future.  


Grower: Anthony Soster

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Anthony is a fourth-year student in the horticulture Science Program with a minor in Sustainable Agriculture and food systems. He is from Belford, Michigan and has live in the state all his life. Anthony hopes to work in floriculture industry upon graduation. 


Webmaster/Historian: Holly Hennelly 
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Holly Hennelly is a second year Landscape Architecture student minoring in Horticulture. She is from Glenview Illinois. Holly hopes to earn a degree in Landscape Architecture and move back to Chicago to work as a Landscape Architect.   


Outreach Coordinator: Brad Koetje

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 Brad is a second-year student in the second-year Nursery and Landscape Management program.  He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been working for his father’s landscaping business for 5 years.  He hopes to graduate from his program at MSU and eventually take over his dad’s company.    


Permanent Advisor: Marcus Duck

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Marcus is the program coordinator and advisor for the Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) Certificate Programs in East Lansing: Fruit, Vegetable, & Organic Horticulture Management and Landscape & Nursery Management.  He teaches:  HRT 206 Training & Pruning Plants, HRT 207 Horticulture Career Development, HRT 213 Landscape Maintenance, HRT 213L Landscape Maintenance Field Lab, HRT 218 Irrigation Systems for Horticulture, and AT 293 Professional Internship for IAT.  Marcus is one of the founding board members of the Michigan Horticulture Education Foundation, and the co-coach for the MSUNALP National Collegiate Landscape Competition Team. 


Advisor: Kristin Getter

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Kristin has a 65% teaching and a 35% administrative appointment as the Director of the MSU Horticulture Gardens.  She teaches three courses: HRT 203 (Principles of Horticulture), HRT 102 (Plants for Food, Fun, and Profit), and HRT 475 (Study Abroad).  She is also active in the Department’s Learning Outcomes Assessment efforts and undergraduate recruiting efforts.  


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