Every year, the MSU Student Horticulture Association participates in the National Collegiate Landscape Competition (NCLC) organized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). This event was formerly called the PLANET SCD.

2025's event will be held at Colorado State University from March 19th to March 22nd.

In 2024 at Brigham Young University, our team placed 5th nationally out of the 49 participating colleges. Congratulations to all of our members who competed in 2024 NCLC and placed in the top 15! 

  • 3D Exterior Landscape Design - Sam Manschesky (2nd)
  • Annual/Perennial ID - Wesley Walters (1st), Sarah Vanderlaan (13th)
  • Arboriculture Techniques - Corbin Bouvy, Megan Kieda (15th)
  • Business Management - Kelley Chase (11th), Jeff Laing (6th)
  • Compact Excavator Operation - Gage Barnadyn (11th)
  • Compact Track/Skid Steer - Parker Stephenson (12th)
  • Employee Development - Kelley Chase, Jeff Laing (1st)
  • Hardscape Installation - Parker Stephenson, Tyler Bigos (12th)
  • Interior Plant ID - Lanna Lowrie (9th)
  • Irrigation Assembly - Isaac McKay, Larisa Draaisma (13th)
  • Irrigation Design - Larisa Draaisma (4th)
  • Irrigation Troubleshooting - Isaac McKay, Larisa Draaisma (8th)
  • Landscape Lighting - Sarah Vanderlaan (3rd)
  • Landscape Maintenance Ops - Nate Hawks, Parker Stephenson (1st)
  • Landscape Plant Install - Gage Barnadyn, Corbin Bouvy, Nate Hawks (9th)
  • Maintenance Cost Estimating - Cailyn Kerner, Katie Fulkerson (14th)
  • Mini Track Loader Operation - Parker Stephenson (10th)
  • Plant Problem Diagnosis - Joe Reamsnyder (2nd), Chloe Snyder (4th)
  • Robotics & Tech in Landscape - Cailyn Kerner (11th), Gage Barnadyn (12th)
  • Safety First - Chloe Snyder, Katie Fulkerson (14th)
  • Tractor Loader Backhoe Operation - Nate Hawks (1st)
  • Turf & Weed ID - Joe Reamsnyder (4th), Lanna Lowrie (12th)
  • Weedy Ornamental ID - Aidan Riley (5th)

Three MSU students received NALP Scholarships at NCLC in 2024: Tyler Bigos, Kelley Chase, and Cailyn Kerner. 

Congratulations to the 2024 NCLC team! Go green!


Our MSU Coach


Marcus Duck became the coach for MSU’s NCLC Team in fall 2003, and has attended every event since (except for 2009 when his twins were born).  He is passionate about this event, and the positive (and sometimes life-changing) impact it can have on a student's future.  Marcus knows this firsthand; he competed in 1995 at Cal-Poly SLO and in 1996 at Richland College (TX) while he was an undergrad at Auburn University.