Academic Advising

The Department of Horticulture offers undergraduate and certificate program advisors to support students in their academic and career paths.

Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate students in the Department of Horticulture enjoy the help and guidance of two advisors who are committed to making the undergraduate experience meaningful and relevant to each student's needs.

All students will have the assistance of our Undergraduate Advisor, and also a Faculty Advisor. Both advisors work together with students and are available to provide information, advice and assistance.

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Advisor Susan Gruber assists students in creating an academic plan when they join the department. This outline of required courses shows the student how prior coursework meets degree requirements and also provides a starting point for creating a degree program customized to meet the individual's educational goals.

She will help match students to a Faculty Advisor who shares the student's area of interest in Horticulture. Susan also assists with transfer credit questions, degree audits and use of MSU computer resources for tracking degree progress. Students should make an appointment for a degree audit before registering for their last year of classes. Contact Susan Gruber.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors play an important role in helping students achieve their academic and career goals. They act as mentors to help students select electives, create independent study projects and find professional internships which will create a strong skill set for employment.

The Faculty Advisor's experience and contacts in the industry can be invaluable to students as they enter the job market. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor at least once each semester but would like to hear from students periodically throughout the semester to know how everything is progressing.

Horticulture Department faculty members serving as advisors include:

  • Dr. Bridget Behe
  • Dr. Bert Cregg
  • Dr. Tom Fernandez
  • Dr. Kristin Getter
  • Dr. Rebecca Grumet
  • Dr. Norm Lownds
  • Dr. Brad Rowe
  • Dr. Ryan Warner

Certificate Program Advising

East Lansing-based certificate programs have an advisor and program coordinator from the Department of Horticulture. Certificate programs at partner community college locations have different program coordinators and advisors based on the location.

Landscape and Nursery and Fruit Certificate Program

Vegetable and Organic Horticulture Certificate Program

Students in the Department of Horticulture's East Lansing certificate programs have one advisor for all their academic and professional needs. Marcus Duck assists students in creating an academic plan of required and elective courses that can be customized to meet the individual's educational and career goals. The academic plan includes outlining how prior coursework and transfer credits meet program requirements.

Marcus also serves as a mentor to help students find professional internships as well as identify career opportunities when they graduate from the program. His experience and contacts in the industry can be invaluable to students as they enter the job market. Certificate program students are highly encouraged to meet with Marcus periodically throughout each semester to be sure they are on track, and progressing smoothly through the program.

Contact Marcus Duck for an advising appointment.

Other Student Resources

MSU provides different sites and resources to help students track their academic progress and succeed in their programs.

MSU Students Portal: Connects to Email, StuInfo, Desire2Learn and more.

Degree Navigator: Contains information about the requirements for each student's chosen program of study. Students are encouraged to use Degree Navigator with the guidance of their advisor Susan Gruber.

Transfer MSU: Allows current and potential students to view how courses taken at other institutions are accepted in transfer.