Season Extension


Enviro-weather Frost Alarm Service
The Frost Alarm alerts users via email and/or text message if specific weather conditions are met at selected Enviro-weather stations; subscription is required.

High Tunnels Project
This USDA-sponsored project promotes high tunnel systems in the Central Great Plains, and it provides information about related high tunnel programs.

Hoophouse Farming Startup
This Michigan State University Extension bulletin describes the social and economic efforts of 12 novice hoop house farmers as they build viable season extension tools.

Hoophouses for Health
Launched in 2014, the Hoophouses for Health program is a collaboration between the Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) and Michigan State University. The program provides loans to local farmers who want to scale-up production and diversify their marketing outlets to include education centers and local schools/districts.

Michigan State’s Bailey Greenhouse
Growing herbs and greens year-round on the grounds of the Brody Neighborhood near Bailey Hall. Students can learn firsthand how a local food cycle can help cultivate environmental responsibility, healthy citizens and farms for the future.

Michigan State Hoophouse
A resource for farmers looking to expand their growing and harvesting season; the site introduces hoophouses, provides organization materials and speaks on a number for four-season growing capabilities.

Penn State Plasticulture
A plasticulture (Growing plants under plastic) resource was created for season extension technologies and production; high tunnel and drip irrigation information is also available.

SARE: High Tunnels & Other Season Extension Techniques
This topic room was created to provide information for producers and educators interested in generating more income by extending the growing season.

Season Extension: The Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service
This MOSES resources page offers documents, fact sheets and research concerning season extension in the Midwest.

The Land Connection
Offer You Tube videos on selection, construction and planting in high tunnels.

Tutorial: Winter-ready Hoophouse
This Ohio State picture-guide demonstrates the steps necessary for creating a winter-ready mid-level hoop house. 

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