Browse the categorized list of education and research-based PowerPoint presentations both from MSU and external resources. Additional presentations will be added as they become available. All links include full PDF downloads, some with files exceeding 50 pages.

Cover Crop Presentations

Advanced Cover Crops Systems Planning: Soil Problems to Progress
Morrone & Snapp (MSU)

Attributes of Cover Crops
Verhallen, 2008

Assessing four winter squash cultivars as trap crops to improve cucumber beetle management in organic cucumber production
Willot (MSU), 2009

Cover Crop Decision Making Chart
CISCO, 2008

Cover Crop Mixtures for Integrated Weed and Nitrogen Management
Brainard (MSU), 2008

Critical Considerations in Managing Nematodes with Potential Trap and Cover Crops
Melakeberhan (MSU), 2007

Developing New Low-input No-till Systems Using Cover Crops
Mutch & Martin (MSU), 2008

Fitting bio-fumigant cover crops into intensive vegetable production systems for integrated crop management
Ngouajio (MSU), 2008

Identifying the Factors Affecting Cover Crop Performance in Row Crops Under Organic Management
Munoz (MSU), et al.

Managing Annual Ryegrass as a Crop Cover
Plumer, 2004

Midwestern Specific Cover Crops: What Fits Your Operation
Robison, CISCO, 2010

Mixtures of Legume and Grass Summer Cover Crops for Integrated Weed and Soil Management
Brainard (MSU), et al., 2008

Nutrient Management With Cover Crops
Warncke (MSU), 2008

Organic Fresh Market Tomato Yield Response to Rye and Hairy Vetch Cover Crops With or Without Compost
Nair & Ngouajio (MSU)

Role of Cover Crops in Soil Health & Root Disease Management
Abawi, 2008

Uncategorized Presentations

Ecological Management of Winter Weeds in Pea-Wheat-Corn Rotations
Brainard (MSU) et al.

Organic Soybean Variety Performance Trials
Rossman (MSU), 2010

Vermicomposting of Campus Food Residuals and Waste
Biernbaum (MSU), et al., 2011