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The Michigan Good Food Charter is a policy action guide for creating and sustaining good food systems rooted in Michigan communities. Initially published in 2010, we have updated our vision, goals, strategies, and description of a “good food system” to reflect feedback and recommendations gathered from a multi-year collaborative effort with partners, organizations, and individuals across Michigan.

The 2022 Charter outlines a shared vision for a good food system in Michigan with six goals, six strategies, and 22 action recommendations. The Charter calls for systemic change by supporting food systems that ensure food is accessible to everyone, promote healthy communities, use fair and sustainable production methods, and support a diverse and equitable society.

Read the Charter and find out how to get involved today! https://www.canr.msu.edu/michiganfood/the-charter/


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What does #goodfood look like in your community? Check out the 2022 Michigan Good Food Charter to see the goals and action recommendations set by over 150 organizations and 500 individuals! http://michiganfood.org/ 

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We’re celebrating a legacy of collaboration around food systems transformation! #Checkthecharter to see how we’re charting a path to make our food systems dreams a reality. http://michiganfood.org/ 

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Want to get involved in your local food movement? The MI Good Food Charter outlines work that is happening across our state, plug into your local food policy council to see how you can support this work.