2010 Michigan Good Food Charter

Across Michigan, people and organizations are coming together to provide and promote good food – food that is healthy, green, fair and affordable.

By focusing on these values in our food system, we can build a healthier, more prosperous and more equitable state.

  • 2010 Michigan Good Food Charter

    Published on June 1, 2010
    The 2010 Michigan Good Food Charter is a vision and a roadmap to advance Michigan’s food and agricultural contributions to the economy, protect our natural resource base, improve our residents’ health, and enable generations of Michigan youth to thrive.

Featured Materials

  • 2018 Charter Summary

    Published on October 19, 2018
    This summary reports on progress made toward achieving the 2020 goals set by the Michigan Good Food Charter.

  • Agenda Priorities at a Glance

    Published on June 1, 2010
    What are the priorities of the 2010 Michigan Good Food Charter? This guide offers a quick look at the agenda for the road to 20% by 2020.

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  • 2014 Resumen de la Carta

    Published on October 1, 2014
    Este resumen se refiere a La Carta de Buena Alimentación de Michigan, escrita en 2010. Planeamos traducir la Carta actualizada, que se actualizó en 2022. Nosotros tenemos la visión de una economía próspera con equidad y para todo Michigan y su gente.