2023 Houseplant & Succulent Sale Staff Picks

Staff favorites for the upcoming Houseplant & Succulent Sale

Stapelia grandiflora, commonly called carrion plant




This year, we have some Dolichothele (Mammillaria) species of cacti that we have been growing in the gardens for over six years. They are impressive, and bloom profusely when happy. While they still need as much sunlight as possible in a house or apartment, they grow naturally under shrubs in the desert and don’t require quite as much light as other cacti do. As a result, they make a wonderful houseplant! We would love to see these beloved cacti find a home. Pick one up at our houseplant and succulent sale – there are a limited number of these!  




Abby’s pick for the sale is Stapelia grandiflora. Commonly called carrion plant, it is a succulent, flowering plant resembling a cactus. When in bloom the large, fuzzy, reddish flowers smell of rotting flesh.



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