Featured Entomology graduate student Daniel Hulbert

Daniel Hulbert shares the importance of insects and studying entomology, and his favorite things about his graduate studies at MSU.

Daniel Hulbert

Name: Daniel Hulbert

Hometown or state or country: Michigan

Previous education: Kalamazoo College (undergraduate), Michigan State University (master’s degree)

Major professor: Jim Smith

What are you researching? Systematics of the genus Rhagoletis (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Why study entomology? Insects are such an important and interesting group of organisms! Studying insects is great for addressing immediate practical issues (crop pests, pollination, disease vectors and forensics), and for studying subjects fundamental to biology (evolution, genetics, systematics, developmental biology, neurobiology, ecology).

What or who inspired your interest in entomology? I took an entomology course as an undergraduate student with Dr. Ann Fraser, it was so interesting and well taught.

What is your favorite activity or responsibility as part of your graduate studies? Teaching undergraduate biology lab courses has been a very rewarding experience.

What is your favorite thing about MSU? I love the MSU Graduate Employees Union!

What is your favorite insect? Do I have to say my research organisms? Because that is Rhagoletis. Otherwise, I have always been fond of robber flies (Asilidae) because they have cool mustaches!

What is your favorite activity/way to spend your time outside of your studies? I have a dog, and we very much like going for walks and playing in the park.

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