Technology assistance resources for return to campus - July 27, 2021

Statement from the Dean's Office: Technology assistance resources for return to campus - July 27, 2021

CANR Community Members,

With many of us looking toward Fall 2021 to be back in the office, many will need assistance with technology related issues. Please be aware that this may take more time than in the past because so many people will be returning around the same time. We are anticipating a high volume of calls for assistance and ask for your patience.

To ensure you can work on your first day back, we highly recommended that you schedule time, about one week in advance of your first working day back in the office, to come to your working location and verify that all of your technology is plugged in and working appropriately, including your hardware, internet, phone, and other peripherals.

Please be aware that unused devices or devices primarily used remotely may need many updates. Be sure to leave plenty of time when you return for those updates to complete prior to any time sensitive/important engagements.

Here are some tips for checking connections and technology, that you can do yourself:

One week prior to your first working day, you should go to your working location and check:

Hardware Connections:
  • Ensure all hardware such as monitors, docking stations, keyboard and mouse are in your working location, plugged in and working appropriately.
  • If you took your equipment home, please bring your equipment back at this time and attempt to reconnect your equipment if you are able. Tutorials are available on our website.
Internet Connections (Wired and Wireless):
  • To use the internet on MSU’s networks, devices (including computers, phones, tablets, docking stations, etc.) need to be registered on the network (DHCP) and used on campus to maintain this registration. You may need to re-register your existing devices and/or register your new devices in order to connect to the internet.
  • Please verify you are connected to either MSUNet3.0 or MSUE (for county employees) and if you are unable to access the internet, please attempt to register your devices with DHCP.
  • Phones – Ensure your phone is plugged in (phone and wall), turned on, has dial tone, and can make/receive calls. If you are not able to make calls, please contact MSU Telecommunications at 517-432-6200.
  • Printers – Verify the printers you usually use are installed on your device, showing as online, and you are able to print to them. Also verify any scanning features are working appropriately.
Who should I contact with questions?

If you are unable to reconnect your equipment on your own, cannot access the internet after registering your computer, or need help with peripherals such as printers, please contact your department IT support or the ANR Service Desk at (517) 355-3776 or

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus in the coming months. Thank you for all of your work during these challenging times.


Kelly Millenbah, Ph.D.
Interim Dean
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Betsy Hood
Unit IT Manager
College of Agriculture and Natural Resource

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