Ed Tech Resources for Online/Blended Courses


Blended/Online Course Development Resources

  • NEW! Storyboard Learning Objective Outline: This template is a guide for developing an outline for a course or program based on learning objectives/outcomes. 
  • NEW! Job Aid: Adapting a Face-to-Face Program into an Online ContextThis document gives suggestions for adapting content into a virtual format.
  • Course Development Checklist: This checklist is a great resource for individuals or teams to use when they are at the planning stages of developing an online or blended course.
  • Course Development Flowchart: This document gives an overview of a process for developing an online or blended course including the following five stages: 1) Define 2) Plan 3) Build 4) Test/Refine 5) Launch 6) Evaluate/Improve.
  • Sample Course Outline: This document shows a sample course outline. A useful exercise when developing an online course is to work through a course outline with various subject matter experts.
  • Storyboard Example #1: This is a storyboard which is useful when developing text based online courses with activities, assessments, and graphics.
  • Storyboard Example #2: This storyboard is useful when developing an interactive online course.
  • Review Process Template: This sample review process document can be used in the peer, beta and pilot testing phases of courses.

Creative Commons Licensing

  • Overview of Creative Commons Licensing: Learn about how creative commons licensing can help disseminate your work and serve as a tool for the re-use of external resources when building a curriculum.
  • Creative Commons License Chooser Tool: This tool can be used for identifying a creative commons license for your work. It will give you an image which can be embedded in a web page or within a content item.

Effective Teaching Techniques

Online Badging at Michigan State University

  • Michigan State University Badging System: Online badges signify accomplishments of something such as completing a course or achieving a skill. Michigan State University has created an online badging system for face-to-face attendance and for achievements in online courses. Badges are not academic records but can be utilized as an incentive for course completion.
  • 7 Things You Should Know About Badges: An overview of online badging and higher eduction (article by EDUCAUSE).