Eric Gurzell

Eric Gurzell

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Specialist - Teacher-Fixed Term
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition




PhD, Human Nutrition, Michigan State University, 2014
BS, Nutritional Sciences, Michigan State University, 2010

Professional Positions

2014-2021 - Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University

Research Interests

Undergraduate and graduate STEM education with an emphasis in biochemical and nutritional sciences.

Instructional Activities

FSC 455 - Food Science and Human Nutrition Laboratory
HNF 101 - Personal Nutrition and Health
HNF 255 - Professional Development and Career Planning in Nutrition
HNF 310 - Nutrition in Medicine for Pre-Health Professionals 
HNF 350 - Advanced Human Nutrition and Metabolism
HNF 415 - Global Nutrition
HNF 820 - Advanced Biochemical Nutrition 
HNF 821 - Advanced Vitamins and Minerals

Recent Publications

J. I. Fenton, E.A. Gurzell, E.A. Davidson, and W.S. Harris. Red blood cell PUFAs reflect the phospholipid PUFA composition of major organs. 2016. PLEFA Sept. 1(112); 12-23

E.A. Gurzell, H. Teague, D.M. Duriancik, J. Clinthorne, W.S. Harris, S.R. Shaikh, and J.I. Fenton. Marine fish oils are not equivalent with respect to B-cell membrane organization and activation. 2015. J Nutr Biochem. Apr. 26(4): 369-377

E.A. Gurzell, J. Weisinger, C. Morkam, S. Hemmrich, W.S. Harris, and J.I. Fenton. Is the Erythrocyte membrane fatty acid composition a valid index of intestinal membrane phospholipid fatty acid composition? 2014. PLEFA Apr. 24

J.I. Fenton, N.G. Hord, S. Ghosh, and E.A. Gurzell. Immunomodulation by dietary long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and the potential of adverse health outcomes. PLEFA. 2013 Nov-Dec. 89(6): 379-90

E.A. Gurzell, H. Teague, M. Harris, J. Clinthorne, S.R. Shaikh, and J.I. Fenton. DHA-enriched fish oil targets B cell lipid microdomain and enhances ex vivo and in vivo B cell function. J Leukoc Biol. 2013 Apr. 93(4): 463-70