Jennifer Ekstrom

Jennifer Ekstrom

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Specialist, Academic Advisor
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition




HNF 150 – Introduction to Human Nutrition
HNF 260 – Principles of Human Nutrition


Academic advisor for students in the Nutritional Sciences undergraduate majors. 

Available to:

  • Provide information on the major including degree requirements and career possibilities;
  • Advise on course selection, scheduling and sequencing;
  • Assist with enrollment concerns;
  • Explain academic policies and procedures related to dropping, repeating, withdrawing, transferring courses and academic standing;
  • Advise and suggest resources related to tutoring, career planning, counseling, service learning, student organizations, Study Abroad, internships, professional and graduate schools, and job search.

I am also available to Michigan State University students who are considering switching to Nutritional Sciences and for prospective incoming freshmen or transfer students who wish to learn more about the Nutritional Sciences program at MSU.

Nutritional Sciences is an ideal pre-med, pre-professional major with a core of rigorous science classes and a focus on human health and nutrition. 

MSU students: Reserve an advising appointment with Dr. Ekstrom via the online Student Information System.


My professional experience includes teaching and advising in nutrition and in the biological sciences.  I also have a background in biomedical research (in medical school and basic science departments) as well as experience in large pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics companies and in a biotech startup.

Research Interests

My previous research work has focused on structural biology, structure-based drug design, and enzyme function with applications to cancer, diabetes, and third-world diseases.


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