Zeynep Ustunol

Zeynep Ustunol

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Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition




PhD, University of Kentucky
MS, Utah State University at Logan

Research Interests:

Enhancing value of dairy and dairy-based products: 1) Alternate uses for milk components, with an emphasis on utilization of milk proteins (whey proteins and caseins) and a focus on their potential use in production of biopolymers 2) Enhancing nutritional quality of existing dairy foods, with an emphasis on probiotics, fermented dairy foods and prebiotics.

Please note: Dr. Ustunol is no longer accepting new graduate students, postdoctoral associates, or visiting scholars.

Instructional Activities:

Dairy processing, Food Chemistry, Advanced Food Chemistry

FSC 211 Principles of Food Science (in person, on-line)
FSC 432 Food Processing: Dairy Foods
FSC 401 Food Chemistry
FSC 322 Advance Professional Seminar in Food Science
FSC 475 Global Food Systems and Health (Education Abroad)
FSC 899 M.S. Thesis Research
FSC 999 Ph.D. Dissertation

Recent Publications:

Kocabas, D., J. Lyne, and Z. Ustunol. 2022. Hydrolytic enzymes in the dairy industry: Application and future perspective. Trends in Food Science and Technology. 119(1):467-475.

Seiwert, K, P. Kamdem, D. Kocabaş, and Z. Ustunol.   2021. Development and characterization of whey protein isolate and xylan composite films with and without enzymatic crosslinking. Food Hydrocolloid 120(8): 106847.

Arce, A. and Z. Ustunol. 2018. Effect of microencapsulated ferrous sulfate particle size on Cheddar cheese composition and quality.J. Dairy Sci. 101(8): 1-9 61.

Nkhata, S. G., Z. Ustunol, and A. Menevseoglu. 2015. Iron fortification of yogurt and pasteurized milk. J. Nutr. Health and Food Sci. 3(2):1-12 (Open access). 

Al-Saaidi, J.M., K. Shaker and Z. Ustunol. 2014. Effect of heat and transglutaminase on solubility of goat milk protein based films. Int. J. Dairy Tech. 67:1 – 7.

Lee, R.S., M. Pranata, Z. Ustunol, and E. Almenar. 2013. Influence of glycerol and water activity on the properties of compressed egg white based bioplastics. J. Food Enginer. 118:132-140.

Kahraman, O. and Z. Ustunol. 2012. Effect of zinc fortification on Cheddar cheese quality. J. Dairy Sci. 95:2840-2847.

Nogueira de Oliveira, M., Z. Ustunol and A. Tamime. 2011. Manufacturing practices of processed cheese. In Processed cheese and analogues. A. Tamime ed. Blackwell Publishing Co., London, UK.

Popa, D. and Z. Ustunol. 2011. Influence of sucrose, high fructose corn syrup and honey from different floral sources on growth and acid production by lactic acid bacteria. Int. J. Dairy Techn. 64(2): 247-253.

Popa, D. and Z. Ustunol. 2011. Sensory attributes of low fat yogurt as influenced by sweetener type.. Int. J. Dairy Techn. 64(3) 451-454.

Ustunol, Z. 2011. Organic milk – Is it worth the higher price. Michigan Dairy Review 16(4):4-6.

Ustunol, Z. 2010. Ten common myths about dairy foods. Michigan Dairy Review 15(2):16-22.

Wong, C. and Z. Ustunol. 2010. Effect of nonfat dry milk and major whey components on interleukin-6 and interleukin–8 production in human intestinal epithelial-like Caco-2 cells. J. Dairy Sci. 93:2311-2314.

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