Webinar Series: Michigan's 2019 Local and Regional Workforce Assessment

December 12, 2019 - Author: , Rachel Bair, Kaitlin Wojciak, Jeannine La Prad

What does Michigan need in order to develop, train and maintain a workforce that can supply and sustain the market for local and regional food?

This four part webinar series provides an overview of the Michigan Local and Regional Food System Workforce Assessment. 

Part 1: Overview of Michigan's 2019 Local and Regional Food System Workforce Assessment

This webinar provides an overview of Michigan’s 2019 local and regional food system workforce assessment project. We share what we did, what it means, and why it matters!

The webinar highlights food system job opportunities, gaps and opportunities in the local and regional food system labor and skill supply, and review education and training programs.

Download webinar slides

Part 2: A scan of jobs in Michigan’s food systems – employment, wages, the future, and more

This webinar looks at food system jobs and career pathways in Michigan.

You will come away from this webinar with knowledge of the levels and types of jobs in Michigan's food system.

We highlight trends in jobs, information on wages and career pathways in different sectors, and begin to raise the questions around what it takes to have quality food systems jobs.

Download webinar slides

Tune into parts 3-4!

The Michigan Local and Regional Food System Workforce Assessment was conducted by MSU Center for Regional Food Systems, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, MSU Extension, and Corporation for a Skilled Workforce.



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