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Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Newsletter

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The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety Team (MIOFPS) publishes a monthly produce safety newsletter for growers and other stakeholders in support of on-farm produce safety efforts. Each newsletter highlights produce safety information and resources on a theme related to agricultural production.  Subscribers enjoy a variety of resources such as articles, fact sheets, videos, podcasts and infographics in addition to updates on programs available to help growers learn more about produce safety.  For questions related to the Produce Safety Newsletter, please contact Heather Borden at

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This Month's Newsletter: 

May 28th, 2024

Produce Safety Recordkeeping and an update on the PSR Water Rule!


Past Newsletters


May 1, 2024 ISSUE

Pre-Season Cleaning and Sanitizing: Tips for starting the season off clean!

April 1, 2024 ISSUE

April Fools... but this is no joke! Mushrooms are covered by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule


Things to consider when adding value to your produce AND when a license is required


Controlled Environment Agriculture Part 2: Hydroponics & Aquaponics


Controlled Environment Agriculture: A look at water, sprouts and microgreens



What's Under Your Farm's Christmas Tree?


Produce Safety Practices that Can Improve Your Yield


Produce Safety Horror Stories


Produce Safety "Farm Hacks"


Resources for Urban Growers

JULY 10, 2023 ISSUE

Marketing your Products

JUNE 5, 2023 ISSUE

Training Workers Mid-Season

MAY 9, 2023 ISSUE

Pre-Season Produce Safety Considerations

APRIL 10, 2023 ISSUE

Spring Cleaning on Your Farm

MARCH 16, 2023 ISSUE

Achieving your On-Farm Food Safety Goals takes more than luck!

FEB 13, 2023 ISSUE

It takes more than love to make a food safety culture on your farm!

JAN 20, 2023 ISSUE

What is Ag Water Anyhow?


DEC 21, 2022 ISSUE

Produce Safety Practices That "Give Back"

NOV 21, 2022 ISSUE

Meet the On-Farm Produce Safety Team

OCT 24, 2022 ISSUE

Microorganisms Are Unseen, But Can Be Lurking

SEPT 26, 2022 ISSUE

Shared Use Equipment in the Wash Pack

AUG 29, 2022 ISSUE

Resources to Help with Worker Training

AUG 1, 2022 ISSUE

Challenges and Resources for U-Picks, CSA's and farms that commonly host visitors

JULY 3, 2022 ISSUE

Happy Independence Day -- Produce Safety Your Way!

JUNE 5, 2022 ISSUE

Poopy Problems: Poop can make people sick!

MAY 8, 2022 ISSUE

Preparing for the Growing Season with Food Safety in Mind

APRIL 10, 2022 ISSUE

Protecting Against the Spread of Foodborne Illnesses

MARCH 13, 2022 ISSUE

Making Sense of the Proposed Water Rule Changes

FEB 13, 2022 ISSUE

Insights Into the Proposed Water Rule Changes

JAN 16, 2022 ISSUE

New Year... New Produce Safety Resolutions!


DEC 14, 2021 ISSUE

Produce Safety "Nice List"

NOV 22, 2021 ISSUE

Thankful for Produce Safety

NOV 1, 2021 ISSUE

Halloween Edition: If Produce Safety's got you spooked... Who you gonna call!?

OCT 18, 2021 ISSUE

On-Farm Food Safety for Agritourism and U-Pick Farms

SEPT 26, 2021 ISSUE

Working with Agriculture Support Agencies such as NRCS

SEPT 8, 2021 ISSUE

Food Safety from Farm to School

AUG 16, 2021 ISSUE

More about Food Safety Risks in Indoor Growing Environments

JULY 25, 2021 ISSUE

Food Safety Risks with Indoor Growing Environments

JULY 4, 2021 ISSUE

Handling Produce Safety with Volunteer labor

JUNE 13, 2021 ISSUE

More Ideas and Resources to Help with Worker Training

MAY 23, 2021 ISSUE

Ideas and Resources to Help with Worker Training

MAY 3, 2021 ISSUE

What You Need to Know About Qualified Exemptions

APRIL 22, 2021 ISSUE

Produce Safety and Sustainability for a Healthy Community and Planet

APRIL 13, 2021 ISSUE

Resources to Help You Prepare for a FSMA Produce Safety Inspection

MARCH 22, 2021 ISSUE

Tackling Produce Safety in the Off Season: Review Last Season Pt. II


Produce Safety in the Off Season: Review Last Season

FEB 8, 2021 ISSUE

Produce Safety in the Off Season: Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

JAN 18, 2021 ISSUE

Produce Safety Tech Talks and Spanish Language PSA Trainings Recently Announced

JAN 11, 2021 ISSUE

Produce Safety in the Off Season: Produce Safety Technicians


DEC 21, 2020 ISSUE

Managing the Relationship between Poop and Produce

DEC 1, 2020 ISSUE

Resources to Help Demystify On-Farm Water Testing

NOV 9, 2020 ISSUE

Produce Safety Topics for the Small to Medium Sized Produce Growers

OCT 19, 2020 ISSUE

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing

SEPT 28, 2020 ISSUE

Resources to Help You Manage Manure and Wildlife

SEPT 14, 2020 ISSUE

On-Farm Environmental Monitoring

AUG 31, 2020 ISSUE

Is Water a Produce Safety Risk on Your Farm?

AUG 18, 2020 ISSUE

Resources Related to Worker Training

AUG 3, 2020 ISSUE

What's the Scoop on Poop?

JULY 20, 2020 ISSUE

Resources for Protecting Your Farm From a Public Health Crisis

JULY 7, 2020 ISSUE

Produce Safety Resources for Michigan Growers



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