College Colloquim & CANR House System

Colloquium / (kəˈləʊkwɪəm) /
noun plural -quiums or -quia (-kwɪə)

: an informal gathering for discussion
: an academic seminar

College Colloquium

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) College Colloquium occurs each fall semester on the Tuesday before classes begin. This gathering is an opportunity for college representatives to formally welcome students into the college.

During the scheduled events, new students (incoming, transfer, and Institute of Agricultural Technology students) are supported in:

  1. Building community and establishing an identity as a CANR student,
  2. Identifying and accessing MSU and CANR resources and services, and
  3. Identifying academic and personal commitments while at MSU.

Students will have opportunity to meet with and speak to the dean and other associate and assistant deans, academic advisors, faculty and other specialists who support student success.

A major aspect of the colloquium includes our induction ceremony. The induction ceremony is a process where the dean of the college bestows upon each new student the rights, privileges and distinctions of being a student in Michigan State University’s first college and their respective CANR Houses.

CANR House System

CANR Houses are subgroups of our college that allow students to connect with their peers across the college. They are not physical spaces, but are social groups to encourage intentional connection with your peers throughout the year.

Each student is placed within one house prior to the College Colloquium. Established in 2019, these groups are intended to support individual and group engagement, networking and inclusion across CANR. There are four houses, each with their own identity.

An email is sent to incoming students with directions to complete the online CANR House Sorting Process.

Interested in being a leader during the academic year? Sign up to join the CANR House Leadership Team.


Orange represents creativity, adventure, enthusiasm, success and balance.

CHARACTERISTICS: Hard working, attention to detail, highly motivated, decision makers.

VALUES: Sacrificial, design, getting things done, quality.


Red is associated with excitement, passion, energy and action.

CHARACTERISTICS: Creative, looks for opportunities, protective, futurist.

VALUES: Science, historical value, naturalness, recreation.


Blue signifies harmony, peace, calm and trust.

CHARACTERISTICS: Purposeful, tuned-in, proactive, sense of wonder, creative, adaptive.

VALUES: Quality, curiosity, accountability, patient, nurturing.


Gray represents neutrality and balance.

CHARACTERISTICS: People specialist, storytellers, work in the long term, investors, outgoing, systems focused.

VALUES: Growth mindset, making change, consensus building, process, helping others.