John Hannah

The John A. Hannah Award recognizes superior Extension programs that are developed and carried out by MSU Extension professional staff members (campus, district, and county) who are appointed by the MSU Board of Trustees. This most prestigious of MSU Extension awards recognizes the excellence of programs, not just individuals.

The award was established when Dr. Hannah retired as president of MSU. The members of MSUExtension’s professional associations voluntarily contributed funds for a “suitable memorial to Dr. Hannah that would encourage professional achievement among Extension staff.” The earnings from these gifts, plus any further gifts are used to support the award.

Programs that are developed and carried out by MSU Extension staff who are appointed by the MSU Board of Trustees are eligible for this award, and self-nominations are accepted. All programs must be current – that is, conducted within the past 18 months.  Nominees must possess the highest standards of integrity and character to positively reflect and enhance the reputation of MSU Extension. Recipients of this award may not be nominated again for four years.  The award is given by the Michigan Council of Extension Associations (MCEA), and the MCEA awards selection committee will review the nominations.

Please contact the current ESP President-Elect for SharePoint directions to submit a nomination.



  • 2016 “Effective Management of Farm Employees” (Phil Durst and Stan Moore)
  • 2015 4-H Capitol Experience
  • 2014 Product Center Innovation Counselors Network (Frank Gublo, Mark Thomas, Paul Werner, Joanne Davidhizar, Mark Seamon, Dan Rossman, Brenda Reau)
  • 2013 The Breakfast on the Farm Program
  • 2012 4-H Exploration Days Program
  • 2011 Ag Market Update Program (Fred Hinkley and Craig Thomas)
  • 2010 “A Heart of Serving” - The Oscoda County 4-H Youth Development Program (Phil Durst, Nikki Schoening, Cynthia Cowles, Allison Weber, Andrew Wallace)
  • 2009 Macomb and Washtenaw Extension Mobilize Resources for Foreclosure Prevention
  • 2004 Greater Detroit American Heritage River Project 
  • 2003 Food and Nutrition Program, and, 4-H Youth Conservation Council 
  • 2002 Greenhouse Growers Career Development Certificate Program in Spanish 
  • 2001 Seafood HACCP Program (Ron Kinnunen) 
  • 2000-SE Michigan Urban Watershed Soil Testing Initiative
  • 1999 Addressing the Michigan Manure Management Dilemna (Ira Krupp, Harlan Ritchie, Bob Cook, Allan Rahn, Sam Varghese, Barbara Salem, Tim Johnson)
  • 1998 Seagrant Coastwatch (Chuck Pistis, Mike Klepinger, Luke Reese, Phil Rieke, Yung-Tsung Kang, Carol Swinehart)
  • 1996/1997  Kids Count (Joanne Keith, Mary Lou McPherson, Karen Pace)
                       Breast-Feeding Initiative (Barb Mutch, Char McKay)
  • 1995 Michigan Logger Initiative (Doug Lantaigne, Russ Kidd, Bob Ojala)
  • 1994 Building Strong Families (Pam Boyce, Jodi Wildrom, Dawn Contreras)
  • 1993 Great Lakes Education Program (Pat Livingston, Terry Gibbs, Steve Stewart)
  • 1992 Michigan Housing Initiative (Irene Hathaway, Susan Mireley)
  • 1991 Canola in Michigan (Lawrence O. Copeland)
  • 1990 Michigan 4-H China Project (Betsy Knox)
  • 1989 New Commissioners’ Training (Lynn Harvey, Ken VerBurg, Al House)
  • 1988  Ag Computer Expo (Tom Purdy, Jerry Lindquist)
              Eating Right is Basic (Linda Nierman, Kendra Anderson, Barb Mutch)
  • 1987 Farm Stress Education (Anne Soderman)
  • 1986 Dairy Herd Termination Program (Larry G. Hamm and Sherril B. Nott)
  • 1985 Michigan’s Bottomland Preserves (Ronald Kinnunen, Jon P. Peterson, Steven R. Stewart)
  • 1984 Asparagus Program Developmentn (Edgar L. Strong)
  • 1983 Expanding Horizons in Leadership (Manfred Thullen)
  • 1982 You Can Do It (Betty Shelby)
  • 1981 Parent to Parent (Elaine Glasser)
  • 1980 Master Gardener (Gerald Draheim, Gregory Patchen)