State Team

This award is designed to recognize outstanding efforts on the part of a team of Extension staff members in responding to and incorporating into a specific educational program one or more of the National Initiatives identified by the Cooperative Extension System. The program must have been conducted and/or completed after Sept. of last year. Three awards—county, regional and statewide—can be presented.

Nominations are to be received by January 31st each year. * Note: One team member needs to be an ESP member— see listing of ESP active members

Use the Team Recognition application to complete and submit the nomination. Designate the state, chapter and (North Central) region on the form. The Michigan, Alpha Psi Chapter President Elect is the Chapter Recognition Contact Person.

2019:  New County Commissioner Training Team (John Amrhein, Joe Bixler, Bethany Prykucki, Eric Walcott, David Rowley, Shu Wang, Brad Neumann, Eric Scorsone, and Veronica Wilson)

2017:  Michigan Fresh Team (Mariel Borgman, Stephanie Bruno, Sean Corp, Julia Darnton, Ellen Darnall, Mary Dunckel, Heather Dyer, Kristine Hahn, Eileen Haraminac, Becky Henne, Michelle Jarvie, Connie Kurple, Erin Lizotte, Joyce McGarry, Terry McLean, Laurie Messing, Jeannie Nichols, Jeannine Schweihofer, Lisa Treiber, Kendra Wills)

2016:  Introduction to Lakes (Online Program) (Terry Gibb, Bindu Bhakta, Beth Clawson, Paige Filice, Gwynn Shelle, Dr. Jo Latimore, Dr. Lois Wolfson

2015: Food Safety (Jeannie Nichols, Lisa Treiber, Eileen Haraminac, Cheryl Eschbach, Karen Fifield, Jennifer Berkey, Jane Hart, Michelle Jarvie, Joyce McGarry, Laurie Messing, Christine Venema, Beth Waitrovich, Rita Klavinski)

2014: IPM Academy (Erin Lizotte, Cheryl Peters Eschbach, Joy Landis, Erwin ‘Duke’ Elsner, Carlos Garcia-Salazar, Ronald Goldy, Jeanne Himmelein, Hal Hudson, Amy Irish-Brown, Mark Longstroth, Bruce Mackellar, Jill Odonnell, Nikki Rothwell, Phillip Schwallier, William Shane, J. Rob Sirrine, Robert Tritten, Mallory Fournier)

2012: Financial Literacy and Housing Education Programs (Theresa Clark-Jones, Kathe Hale, Jean Lakin, Wanda Repke, Erica Tobe)

2011: Michigan Annie’s Project (Warren Schauer, Bob Battel, Mary Dunkel, Mike Erdman, Jeannine Schweihoffer, Emily Sneller, Marilyn Thelen, Bonnie Wichtzner-Zoia

2009: Charting our Course for Success Leadership Program (Joe Bixler, Mary Dunkel, Kathryn Stuever Foerster, Phillip Kaatz, Julie Ann Moberg, Mary Bauer Robb, Marie Ruemenapp, Matthew Shane)

2008: State and Local Government Area of Expertise Team

2007: Achieving Success through Volunteerism project of the Volunteerism AoE (Julie Chapin, Deb Barrett, Pat Dignum, Jackie Martin, Dee Miller, Bev Przystas, Jodoi Schultz, Kim Towne, Katie VanderKolk, and Jennifer Weichel)

2006: Sharpening Our Focus

2005: The Developing Community Service (DCL) Team

2004: Facilitator Excellence Team (Jan Hartough, Christy Hicks, Rita Hodgins (Retired), Georgia Peterson, Mary Robb, Tom Schneider, Lela Vandenberg, Jim Wiesing)

2003: Farm Bill Education Program Jim Hilker, Roger Betz, Ray Fast)

2002: Fruit Crop Disaster