MSU Food Science Advisory Board

The Food Science Advisory Board (FSAB) is comprised of a diverse group of alumni and non-alumni experts who specialize in the thrust areas of our program which includes the food industry, academic sector and governmental agencies. The purpose of the FSAB is to advise the Food Science Curriculum Committee which oversees the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

At its core, the function of the FSAB is to improve continuously the quality of the Food Science program by keeping it current and relevant to the industry. This continuous improvement provides opportunities to our students and an environment in which they can thrive as they traverse our rigorous program and peruse their chosen careers.

Current Board Members

Cory Hedman, VP Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Meijer
Tenure: 2021 – current

Michael Miller, Professor of Food Microbiology & Associate Head for Graduate Programs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MSU Alumni)
Tenure: 2021 – current

Joshua Gurtler, Research Scientist, US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service, Food Safety Intervention Technologies, Eastern Regional Research Center
Tenure: 2021 - current

Carolyn F. Ross, Professor, Washington State University, Director of Sensory Faculty (MSU Alumni)
Tenure: 2022 - current

Jerome Betts, Quality Manager, SQF Practitioner, York Street Fresh Foods
Tenure: 2022 - current

Lauren Tamm, Product Development Scientist,  Nestle Gerber (MSU Alumni)
Tenure: 2022 -  current

Kim Galloup, Food Produce Safety Inspector, MDARD (MSU Alumni)
Tenure: 2023 - current

Ed Szczygiel, Director of Product Development, Cambium Analytica (MSU Alumni)
Tenure: 2023 - current

De'Airius Salibi, Research & Development Manager at Leahy-IFP
Tenure: 2023 - current

Angela Shaw, Professor, Texas Tech University
Tenure: 2023 - current

Past Board Members

  • MaryKay Bolles, VP, Global R&D, Beam Suntory (Retired & MSU Alumni)
  • Jacqueline H. Beckley, The Understanding & Insights Group
  • April Elston, Principal Scientist, Beam Suntory
  • Kevin Halfmann, Regional Food Supervisor, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MSU Alumni)
  • D’Anne Hayman, VP, Global Innovation and Nutrition, Kellogg (MSU Alumni)
  • Leslie Herzog, The Understanding & Insights Group
  • Steven Hermansky, ConAgra Foods
  • Tom Jones, Meat Science Fellow, Kalsec (Retired)
  • Tom Jones, Senior Vice President, R&D, Clif Bar (MSU Alumni)
  • Ruth MacDonald, Associate Dean of Personnel and Finance, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University
  • Mark Moorman, Senior Director, Global Regulatory Science, Kellogg Co. (MSU Alumni)
  • Shane McDonald, Principal Flavor Chemist, Kalsec
  • Alicia Orta-Ramirez, Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies – Dept. of Food Science, Cornell University (MSU Alumni)
  • Deirdre E. Ortiz, Fellow, WK Kellogg Institute (Retired)
  • Melvin Pascall, Professor - Food Science and Technology, Ohio State University (MSU Alumni)
  • Sarah Smith-Simpson, Principal Scientist, Nestle Nutrition (MSU Alumni)
  • Gerald Wojtala, Executive Director, International Food Protection Training Institute