Pest Control Methods

Tarping as a Weed, Disease, and Pest Management Tool
This link describes soil solarization methods used to control weeds and soil-borne pests and diseases.

Insect Pest Management for Organic Crops
The Small Farm Program provides this resource on pest management in organic vegetable production systems and explains the use of cultural and biological control methods.

Disease and Insect Management in Organic Small Grains
This publication outlines strategies benefiting an organic disease and insect management plan. It also describes specific diseases and insects having potential to affect a number of small grain crops.

Using Landscape for Biological Control
This MSU presentation provides background information on increasing biological control and the results of a related landscape study.

Design Criteria for Beneficial Insect Habitat
Dr. Doug. Landis explains the need for pollinator and natural enemy diversity in an agricultural landscape.

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) supports producers interested in conserving natural resources on their farms, which includes improving pest management.

Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management
This Cornell University reference book was created for organic farmers and agricultural professionals who want information on best practices, available materials and the impact of materials for use in organic systems.

Green Pest Management
Pesticides can be used in organic food facilities, but no contact can occur between them and the organic food.

Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Flowering Plants
This short bulletin discusses the conservation of natural enemies of insects and pollinators within the context of Midwestern perennial plants.

Fruit Pests

Evaluation of OMRI-listed Fungicides for Disease Management
This research summary concludes OMRI-approved fungicides work but may not be as effective as conventional fungicides in small fruit crops.

Development of Nutrient and Pest Management Practices
This presentation discusses the challenges in organic production, potential for growth and research surrounding blueberry production in Michigan.

Vegetable Pests

Unsafe for Canning: Tomatoes and Potatoes Infected with Late Blight
Do not use potatoes showing sign of late blight; use firm, disease free vegetables for eating, canning or freezing.

Managing Late Blight in Organically Produced Tomatoes
This short document outlines the steps for managing late blight in organically produced tomatoes.

Trap Crops and Row Covers as Management Tools for Cucumber Beetles
Using trap crop and row covers has promise for early season protection against the striped cucumber beetle, a major pest in many areas of the country.

Downy Mildew Control in Curcurbits
ATTRA outlines the principal means of managing downy mildew in cucumber and cantaloupe using genetically resistant cultivars and alternative pesticides.

Colorado Potato Beetle in Potato
ATTRA outlines a combination of organic strategies to help keep Colorado potato beetle populations under control.

Borers in Squash
This ATTRA resource provides life cycle characteristics and planning for organic control of squash bug and squash vine borer.