Organic Weed Management

Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States
This guide is designed to help identify seedling weeds while there is still time to control them.

Mechanical Weed Management
This resource advocates the integration of mechanical weed management with farm goals and systems.

Cropping Practices Influence on Weeds
Prevent weed emergence and seed production by managing crop competition, covering and smothering crops.

Influence of Soil Quality on Weeds
Weeds are a symptom of a soil problem; Soils when properly managed will grow better crops and lessen negative influences of weeds.

Mustard Cover Crops for Biomass Production and Weed Suppression in the Great Lakes Region
This resource identifies the narrow window in the fall (mid-August) when mustard reliably produces enough biomass to suppress weeds in the stand, and it provides a map to help target the right planting date.

Managing Field Bindweed
Several seasons of cultivation are needed to provide visible control of field bindweed using mechanical, biological and cultural practices.

Flaming as a Method of Weed Control
Using fire to control weeds in organic farming systems shows promise for reducing weed populations without herbicides.

Organic Weed Management in Field Crops with Flaming
This presentation discusses flaming and rotary hoe treatments for weed control.

Ecological Management of Winter Weeds in Pea-Wheat-Corn Rotation
This presentation outlines opportunities for seasonal management of weeds through the use of a field study.