Mya Price: 2022-2023 Future Leaders Mentoring Scholarship Recipient

Mya Price, FSHN Dietetics student, shares her experience in the program and what the Future Leaders Mentoring Scholarship means for her undergraduate career.

Name: Mya Price

Hometown: Redford Township, MI

Major: Dietetics

Why did you choose MSU FSHN for your major?

I chose Dietetics as my major because I have always had an interest in food, but I wanted to take it further and learn how food and diet affects people's health and well-being. I wanted to be able to apply that to help others.

What has been the most interesting thing you have learned during your major?

The most interesting thing I have learned about my major is how wide the opportunities are, I never knew that there were so many career options available.

What has receiving the Future Leaders Mentoring Scholarship meant to you?

The Future Leaders Mentoring Scholarship has been an immense help not only by helping me further immerse myself within the FSHN department but also by relieving some of the financial stress that comes with college.

What are your future plans?

My current future plans are to make it through my undergraduate program and move into my graduate and internship program(s).

If there was only one thing you could share with someone considering MSU FSHN for their undergraduate experience, what would you tell them?

If there was one thing I could share with a future undergrad it would be to get involved with at least some of the many opportunities offered through the FSHN department and MSU as a whole.

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