Tyler Hampton finds a new career path from horticulture

Tyler's lifelong passion for horticulture has helped him get involved in Student Horticulture Association, work on campus, and intern at Duke Gardens in North Carolina.

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Tyler Hampton is from Detroit and is pursuing a certificate program in Landscape and Nursery Management through the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology.

Why did you choose Horticulture and this specific degree program?

I have had a lifelong interest in horticulture, but didn't think of it as a career path until I was an adult already in the workforce. While I was happy with my job, my love for plants and gardening led me to discover the certificate program and to horticulture as a new career.

What has been the best experience in your program so far?

I've had a lot of great experiences from my classes, my internship at Duke Gardens in North Carolina, and working on campus. But I'd say overall participation in the Student Horticulture Association has provided me with context, career development and social dimension to the program more than just going to classes alone would. Going with the SHA team to the National Collegiate Landscape Competition both years has been a highlight of that.

What is the best selling point about your major that you would like others to know?

There are so many different niches to fit into over the course of a career, and there are jobs in all kinds of interesting places if you are willing to go.

What are your future plans?

I have a lot of different horticultural interests, but I have enjoyed working in public gardens and hope to continue that or work of a similar nature in private industry. I think beauty itself has value and I look forward to developing landscapes that create and sustain that for people.

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