John J Hart

John J Hart

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City of Battle Creek Small Business Development Office

City of Battle Creek - Small Business Development Office - Development Director

Entrepreneur and City Planner

Environmentalist and Community Developer

Married 30 years to 3rd Grade sweetheart Jani Hart and parent of two amazing daughters Jade, and Joy Hart

Owner in Partnership of 8 Commercial Properties (Residential and Mixed Use) in Bellevue, Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

College educated at Kellogg Community College/Battle Creek - Business, University of Michigan/Ann Arbor -Environmental Science, and Eastern Michigan University/Ypsilanti- Planning and Community Development.

Past Employment at Greenpeace - Canvasser, City of Battle Creek - Planning Intern, Neighborhoods Incorporated - Neighborhood Planner/Outreach Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity - Construction Manager, City of Albion - Planning Director, City of Hasting - Community Development Director, Co Hart Solutions - Consultant, City of Battle Creek - Small Business Development Director.

Fun Fact: My Family owned and operated a roller-skating rink on the north end of Goguac Lake in the 1930's through the late 50's