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John E. Linz

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PhD, Microbiology, Louisiana State University, 1983
MS, Biology, University of Illinois, 1979

Professional Positions

Postdoctoral positions at University of Illinois (1986) and University of California Irvine (1983-1986)

Research Interests

Genetic and molecular mechanisms for regulation of mycotoxin biosynthesis.  Development of economical and practical strategies to prevent mycotoxin contamination of crops and human exposure to these toxins. 

Instructional Activities

FSC 441 – Food Microbiology Laboratory
FSC 891 – Food Fermentation and Biotechnology

Recent Publications

Selected, peer-reviewed publications(past 3 years).  IF = impact factor.  H index = 29, based on 80 of 98 published, peer reviewed articles since 1981. 

Linz, J.E.  2013. The chicken reservoir and specific alleles at conserved contingency loci can promote host colonization and disease by Campylobacter jejuniCampylobacter jejuni: Ecology and Evolution (in press).

Roze, L.V. and J.E. Linz.  2013.  Mycotoxins; biosynthesis and health impacts.  Encyclopedia of Science and Agriculture (in press)

Artymovich, K.A., J-S. Kim, J.E. Linz.  D.F. Hall, L.E. Kelley, H.L. Kalbach, S. Kathariou, J. Gaymer, and B. Paschke.  2013.  A “successful allele” at Campylobacter jejuni contingency locus Cj0170 regulates motility; “successful alleles” at locus Cj0045 are strongly associated with mouse colonization.  Food Microbiology (in press).  (IF 3.6)

Hong, S-Y., L.V. Roze,  J. Wee, and J.E. Linz.  2013.  Evidence that a transcription factor regulatory network coordinates oxidative stress response and secondary metabolism.  MicrobiologyOpen 2:144-160 

Roze. L.V., S-Y. Hong, and J.E. Linz.  2012.  Aflatoxin biosynthesis: Current frontiers.  Ann.  Rev. Food Sci. Technol. (Epub ahead of print).  (IF 3.6).  

Ehrlich, K.E. B.M. Mack, Q. Wei, P. Li, L.V. Roze, F. Dazzo. J.W. Cary, D. Bhatnagar, and J.E. Linz.  2012.  Association with AflR in endosomes reveals new functions for AflJ in aflatoxin biosynthesis.  Toxins 12:1582-1600 

Chanda, A., L.V. Roze, and J.E. Linz.  2012.  Purification of a vesicle vacuole (V) fraction from Aspergillus.  Methods Mol. Biol. 944:259-266    (IF = 4.54).

Roze, L.V., A. Chanda, and J.E. Linz.  2012.  Analysis of volatile compounds emitted by filamentous fungi using solid phase microextraction-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (SPME-GC/MS).  Methods Mol. Biol. 944:133-142.  (IF = 4.54). 

O.M. Gomaa, N.S. Salim, and J.E. Linz.  2012.  Calcium chloride enhanced malachite green decolorization by Aspergillus niger.  Cell Bch. Biophys. (Epub ahead of print)  (IF 3.73)..

Kim, J.S, K.A. Artymovich, D.F. Hall, E.J. Smith, D.L. Wilson, R. Fulton, J. Bell. L. Dybas, L.S. Mansfield, R. Tempelman, and J.E. Linz.  2012.  Passage of Campylobacter jejuni through the chicken reservoir or mice promotes phase variation in Cj0170 and Cj0045 that strongly associates with colonization and disease in a mouse model. Microbiol. 158: 1304-1316  (IF 3.02). 

Sporer, K.R.B., H.R. Zhou, J.E. Linz, A.M. Booren, and G.M. Strasburg.  2012.  Differential expression of calcium regulating genes in heat stressed turkey breast muscle in association with meat quality.  J. Poultry Science 91: 1418-1424.  (IF 1.58).   

Linz, J.E., A. Chanda, and L.V. Roze.  2012.  Proteomic and biochemical evidence support a role for transport vesicles and endosomes in stress response and secondary metabolism.  J Proteome Res. 11:767-775    (IF 5.46).   

Roze, L.V., A. Chanda, J. Wee, and J.E. Linz.  2011.  Stress-related transcription factor AtfB integrates secondary metabolism with oxidative stress response in Aspergilli.  J. Biol. Chem. 286:35137-35148    (IF 5.33). 

Roze, L.V., A.V. Koptina, M. Laivenieks, R.M. Beaudry, A.D. Jones, A.V. Kanarsky, and J.E. Linz.  2011.  Willow volatiles influence growth, development, and secondary metabolism in Aspergillus parasiticus.  Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 92:359-370.  (IF 3.6)

Roze, LV, A. Chanda, J.E. Linz.  2011.  Compartmentalization and molecular traffic in secondary metabolism: novel functions for established cell processes.    

Chanda, A, L.V. Roze, and J.E. Linz.  2010.   A possible role for exocytosis in aflatoxin export in Aspergillus parasiticus:  Eukaryotic Cell 9:1724-1727    (IF  3.83). 

Roze, L.V., A. Chanda, M. Laivenieks, R.M. Beaudry. A.D. Jones, K.A. Artymovich, A.V. Koptina, D. Awad, D. Valeeva, and J.E. Linz.  2010.  Volatile profiling reveals intracellular metabolic changes in Aspergillus parasiticus: veA regulates branched chain amino acid and ethanol metabolism.  BMC Biochemistry 11:33     (IF 3.21). 

Wilson, D.L., A. Plovanich-Jones, W. Qi, L. M. Wick, J. Landgraf, J. A. Bell, V. K. Rathinam, J.  Parrish, R. L. Finley, V.B. Young, L. S. Mansfield, and J. E. Linz. 2010.  Genetic diversity in Campylobacter jejuni is associated with differential colonization of broiler chickens and C57BL/6J IL10-deficient mice. Microbiol. 156: 2046 - 2057    (IF 3.02). 

Rollo, S.N., B. Norby, P.C. Bartlett, H.M. Scott, D.L.Wilson, M.C. Libal, V.R.Fijat, J.E. Linz, C.E. Buner, J.B. Kaneene, and J.C. Huber.  2010.  Prevalence and patterns of antimicrobial resistance in Campylobacter spp. isolates from pigs reared under antimicrobial free and conventional production methods in eight states in the Midwestern United States. J. Am. Vet. Med. Assn.  236:201-210. 

Manuscripts submitted 

Gomaa, O.M., N.S. Selim, and J.E. Linz.  2013. Role of Aspergillus mitochondrial cytochrome C in malachite green reduction.  Cell Bch. Biophys.

S.Y. Hong, Roze, L.V., and J.E. Linz.  2013.  Oxidative stress-related transcription factors in regulation of secondary metabolism.  Toxins, Special issue: Evolutionary/Phylogenetic studies of aflatoxin biosynthetic pathways (Invited).