Hoe cultivating a crop.

2018 Michigan Good Food Report Card Summary


October 22, 2018 - <kellyra2@msu.edu>, Amanda Edmonds, Kathryn Colasanti, <gensler@msu.edu>

This summary provides an overview of the 2018 Michigan Good Food Report Card, which shares progress made towards the six goals of the Michigan Good Food Charter over the past two years. The summary demonstrates some of the many efforts across the state to re-envision the food system in ways that promote equity, sustainability and thriving economies. 

Have we made progress toward the six goals? What is the status of the 25 agenda priorities? Read on to find out!

To learn more about progress made by the Charter since 2016, see the full 2018 Michigan Good Food Report Card.

This document is compiled by staff at MSU Center for Regional Food Systems. Special thanks to the Michigan Good Food Steering Committee and Jean Doss for her state legislative updates. Funding for this work comes from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.



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