Beyond Grants: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Funding Beginning Farmer Initiatives


November 5, 2018 - Author: Emily Nicholls, , Lauren Marquardt, and Jennifer Silveri

In order to meet the growing demand for locally produced food, especially with increasing numbers of farmers exiting the industry, there is a need to increase the capacity and success rate of beginning farmer training programs supporting growth in number of new farmers.

This report explores self-sustaining entrepreneurial fundraising strategies and activities and offers a creative pathway for evaluating strategies to fund Michigan's beginning farmer initiatives.

Suggested Citation

Nicholls, E., Pirog, R., Marquardt, L., and Silveri, J. (2018). Beyond Grants: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Funding Beginning Farmer Initiatives. Michigan Food & Farming Systems -MIFFS. Retrieved from

This work is a collaboration led by Michigan Food and Farming Systems and made possible by the Americana Foundation.

Check out the executive summary for an overview of these innovative entrepreneurial strategies.




Rich Pirog

Rich Pirog

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