Beyond Grants: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Funding Beginning Farmer Initiatives


November 4, 2018 - Emily Nicholls, <$authorEmail>, Lauren Marquardt, and Jennifer Silveri

In order to meet the growing demand for locally produced food, especially with increasing numbers of farmers exiting the industry, there is a need to increase the capacity and success rate of beginning farmer training programs supporting growth in number of new farmers.

This report explores self-sustaining entrepreneurial fundraising strategies and activities and offers a creative pathway for evaluating strategies to fund Michigan's beginning farmer initiatives.

Suggested Citation

Nicholls, E., Pirog, R., Marquardt, L., and Silveri, J. (2018). Beyond Grants: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Funding Beginning Farmer Initiatives. Michigan Food & Farming Systems -MIFFS. Retrieved from

This work is a collaboration led by Michigan Food and Farming Systems and made possible by the Americana Foundation.

Check out the executive summary for an overview of these innovative entrepreneurial strategies.




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