Food Innovation Districts: An Economic Gardening Tool

April 5, 2013 - Author: Patty Cantrell, , Laura Goddeeris, Sarah Lucas & Matt McCauley

CRFS partnered with the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments and Regional Food Solutions LLC to develop Food Innovation Districts: An Economic Gardening Tool.  Food innovation districts are places where food and agriculture-based businesses are encouraged to cluster together for greater synergy.  This guide can help planners and other stakeholders in developing food innovation districts that promote positive business environments, spur regional food system development, and increase access to local food.

Guide authors

  • Patty Cantrell, researches, writes, and speaks nationally about local food as community economic development.
  • Kathryn Colasanti, CRFS Michigan Good Food Coordinator 
  • Laura Goddeeris, CRFS Specialist 
  • Sarah Lucas
  • Matt McCauley

Tags: food innovation districts

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Food Innovation Districts, Local Governments and Local Food Systems


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Kathryn Colasanti

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