Meet Up and Eat Up with the Detroit Lions Video

January 5, 2015 - <>

Students from Detroit Public Schools shop at Detroit Eastern Market with the Detroit Lions. This Meet Up and Eat Up event was co-hosted by Fair Food Network and the United Way of Southeast Michigan.

Video Transcription: 

Well, today is the first day of Meet Up and Eat Up. It's a partnership we have with the Detroit Lions and Detroit Public Schools. We invite about 60 kids between 4th and 8th grade that come down to the market. They participate in an activity through Play Work 60, which is another sponsor and partner of the NFL. We have a retired player that usually comes down and hangs out with the kids and talks to them about eating well and exercise and nutrition. Then we also are in a partnership with the Fair Food Network. They give the kids double up food bucks. They ascend upon the markets to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. And they come back to Shed 3 where they get a cooking demo, they get a light lunch, and they get to talk about the fresh fruits and vegetables that they bought with the executive chef from the Detroit Lions that will give them helpful tips on how to cook that at home or fun things to do with their produce when they get home.

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