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My Way to Wellness Virtual Satisfaction Survey Results


March 14, 2023 -

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension delivers affordable, relevant, evidence-based education to help adults, young people, and families in urban and rural communities be healthy. Programs focus on helping participants gain the skills they need to buy and prepare nutritious, budget-friendly foods; increase their physical activity; breastfeed their babies; and stretch their food dollars.

My Way to Wellness Virtual Satisfaction Survey Results

A total of 94 participants completed a satisfaction survey after completing the virtual My Way to Wellness course. The majority of participants, 57%, heard about the online program through Facebook. Most participants were satisfied with all aspects of the My Way to Wellness program.

  • 72% Of participants chose to take the online class because they were able to participate without having to attend live class sessions
  • 94% Of participants chose to take the online class because they were able to complete the lessons at their own pace

Individual changes made by participants were focused on increasing fruit, vegetables and physical activity, improving food safety, dietary patterns and cooking/shopping skills (Table 1).

Table 1: Individual Changes Reported by My Way to Wellness Participants (n=75)

Fruit and Vegetables

Physical Activity

Food Safety

Cooking/ Shopping

Dietary Patterns

Eating more fruits and vegetables

Increased physical activity

More careful with thawing meat

Planning and budgeting better

Increased awareness of what I am eating

Eating vegetables and fruits for snacks instead of chips, etc.

Incorporate little exercises

Stopped defrosting foods on the countertop and do it in the fridge.

Used the recipes

Using the sugar substitute chart

Try to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables instead of the same ones over and over

Working on ways to increase my daily activity while keeping my physical limitations in mind

Wash my fruit even if it has a peel that will come off

Replacing applesauce for oil in some recipes

Paying attention to calorie intake

Giving my kids more vegetables

Purposefully looking for ways to get extra steps, such as parking further from stores

More careful about keeping meat prep area separate

Smaller Portions

Decrease sugar and sodium

Eating a greater variety including frozen and canned veggies and fruits


Pay more attention to labels

Read labels on frozen meals for lower fat and sodium

Eating 5 small meals compared to 3 large meals

Eat a salad with my dinner each night




Drinking more water

Eat fruit for dessert




Made more tangible goals





Keep a food diary to help maintain goals

Table 2: Participant Suggested Improvements to the My Way to Wellness Course (n=65)



Registration/ Course Modules

Add more recipes or a cookbook

Provide resources on reliable healthy food blogs with recipes

More online classes and In-depth advanced option

Keep it going

Access to course and initial sign-up difficult

More recipes, videos preparing a meal and snacks, how to cook with substitutions; applesauce, yogurt, egg substitutes, juices, honey and sweeteners (what kind for different recipes). Figuring out nurasweet, equal, stevia, truvia

Make the group discussion more interactive or ask different questions at the end of each lesson. Like questions more specific to the topic that was discussed

Make it an easier format to complete each course. I was never sure if I finished each course so, I had to go back to check

Hard to navigate on a phone

Consider vegan/vegetarian diets

Market the class to local groups and sites

To be able to print off vouchers (incentives)

More specific to low-income audiences


Hard to print content

Incorporate how to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables and grow them in a small garden


Some content did not work

Provide an optional section for health-related special diets such as diabetic, anti-inflammatory, or even Michigan wintertime diet to boost vitamin D


It took a tiny bit of effort to find the actual classes- they're listed under content. It was a little confusing at first

The goals at the beginning of each lesson was repetitive… only include for a few of the lessons. Every 2 or 3 lessons?


The audio was very quiet, I often had it turned up all the way on the webpage and on my computer

Include more healthy meal ideas that cater to young children and large families.


Somethings had errors she had to follow some things didn’t. Going from one page to the next was not consistent throughout.



Have the option to choose reading it yourself or watching the videos/slideshow



Have the slides available in pdf for saving after for note taking


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