The impact of COVID-19 and associated shocks on Agri Food SMEs along the poultry and fish value chain in Kaduna State


January 13, 2022 - Aisha Lawal Ibrahim, L. <>, <>, <>, <> and Wellington Osawe

Key Messages:

• During the COVID-19 pandemic, activities of enterprises in the lateral, midstream and downstream of the study value chains were severely disrupted despite their crucial role in the processing and distribution of food in the state.
• There was a drop in the share of businesses hiring workers towards the end of the lockdown period and in the ensuing months when hiring resumed, it was largely of temporary daily workers. This reveals likely medium to long-term effect of the pandemic which has given rise to lay- offs and/or replacement of regular salaried workers with daily workers.
• While both small and non-small businesses in the study value chains in Kaduna State faced increasing challenges during the lockdown period, in the months succeeding the lockdown (August to October) only small businesses continued to report facing challenges. This reveals a likely medium to long-term effect of COVID-19 and associated policies on smaller businesses.
• Very few business enterprises received assistance during and after the lockdown period and those who did only received assistance from friends and family.



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