Uganda: from the Garden to the School

October 28, 2015 - Author: Kirk Mason, Sarah Scott,

Much of the world acquires its food from wholesalers, grocery stores, supermarkets, vendors, or markets. It is quite unique to find any organization, large or small, that purchases food directly from farms, eliminating all middle-people. Bigodi Secondary School and the Bigodi community in Western Uganda has found a sustainable way to eliminate this step, working together to form a community-based food system, incorporating agricultural education as well. School staff purchase directly from local farmers, many of whom are acquaintances and have children attending the school.

This localized food system works well for an education complex like Bigodi Secondary, and merits a close examination - 'From the Garden to the School' provides this through a beautifully narrated story. Featuring members of the school board, cooks, the headmaster of Bigodi Secondary School, and local farmers and food providers, this educational documentary provides keen insight into the food systems of Western Uganda.

Research/Writing: Sarah Scott & Kirk Mason
Directed by: Kirk Mason
Camera/Editing: Kirk Mason
Executive Producer: Mike Hamm


Tags: center for regional food systems, michigan farm to school, video


Mike Hamm

Mike Hamm

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